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          毕业 学习    

          Welcome to Texas A&M University Galveston Campus, a branch campus of Texas A&M University, offering marine and maritime studies degrees in Engineering, Liberal Arts, Biological and Physical Sciences, and Business and Transportation. With total campus enrollment of almost 2,100 students, of which nearly 200 are graduate students, Texas A&M University 太阳城网址网站‘s 130-acre Mitchell Campus is teeming with activity.

          Texas A&M University Galveston Campus was designated a special purpose institution in 1971 in part to fulfill the Sea Grant mission of Texas A&M University, a tier one research institution. Texas A&M University Galveston Campus is committed to its mission of education, research and public service in the general field of marine resources. With its proximity to the Gulf of Mexico and Galveston Bay, TAMUG offers students and faculty unique academic and research opportunities unavailable elsewhere.

          Texas A&M University Galveston Campus 通过三个部门tamug,通过海洋资源管理计划的硕士提供研究生课程 海洋科学系通过在海洋生物的跨学科度程序科学或博士的主 海洋生物学系和海事管理机构和物流通过主人 海事管理部门. Students are admitted to these programs through the Admissions Office at Texas A&M University Galveston Campus.

          Texas A&M University in College Station 生物,野生动物和渔业科学,海洋学,生态系统科学与管理,土木工程和海洋工程:通过以下部门提供的太阳城网址网站校区研究生工作。为学院站学位,学生必须完成在大学站的一个或两个学期,在此期间,他们必须需要9个小时的正式课程的工作学期。所有其他的课程学习和研究活动可以在太阳城网址网站进行。

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