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          The Texas A&M University Galveston campus's (tamug) leadership in 管理 promotes excellence and integrity in every facet of University life. Excellence at tamug means that we provide a first rate education worthy of the A&M diploma and aggie ring, while developing personal qualities of leadership, ethics, integrity, and respect. Excellence also means that we provide a campus environment that is safe, clean, and vibrant – including outstanding student services, housing and food services.

          我们已经敞开了大门的最后阶段 2020年愿景:打造优秀的文化。该 战略规划2016-2020 谈到对校园的独特性。

          Texas A&M University Galveston campus is committed to 问责 在追求卓越。大学预计在其使用资源,在教育体验的质量举行的最高标准。




          The 管理 of Texas A&M University Galveston campus, under the leadership of Col. Michael E. Fossum, Chief Operating Officer (tamug) and Vice President (TAMU), is comprised of the following:

          • 所有的学术单位,科研,多元化,市场营销/通信,它为学术事务和首席学术官行政助理副总裁汇报。

          • Five administrative units including student affairs, 管理 and auxiliary services, marine education support and safety operations, Texas A&M Maritime Academy as well as finance, report to the Vice President.

          • 操作(人力资源,校警,书店业务以及外包餐饮设施服务监督)的报告,为管理和辅助服务的助理副总裁。


          The executive staff are made up of those Texas A&M administrators and faculty who report to the Chief Operations Officer and Vice President.

          行政机关工作人员页上市 组织结构图

          Councils & Committees





          教务处 学术部门 研究室

          Texas A&M Maritime Academy & the Corps of Cadets

          The mission of the Texas A&M Maritime Academy is to provide the maritime industries of the 得克萨斯州 and the United States with highly trained and professional U.S. Coast Guard licensed Merchant Officers (deck/engine) to serve on ocean-going and inland waterways vessels. To meet this mission, the Texas A&M Maritime Academy includes a Corps of Cadets。该 purpose of the Corps of Cadets is: 开发专用服务于更大的人品好领导。

          与学员的陆战队的指挥官办公室合作,是海军后备军官训练队计划,它提供了合格的学员向委员会和战略海运官员(SSO)计划服务的机会。学员也有权要求在美国现役的选项海军,美国海军陆战队(排长课程 - PLC)或在美国的直接佣金海岸警卫队。


          Texas A&M University 太阳城网址网站 栗色代表

          The Maroon Delegates of Texas A&M University 太阳城网址网站 was formed out of the need to have exemplary students serve as ambassadors for the university. The students bring a unique perspective that is real and authentic due to their direct proximity to the drive of the university – education. The Delegates take a position of service, selflessness, and respect while they daily embody the Aggie core values. The 栗色代表 are a highly involved group of individuals exhibiting leadership in various forms。该 Delegates truly cherish the experiences they encounter at their piece of Aggieland by the Sea and welcome any opportunity to express devotion to the maritime field.

          Texas A&M University 太阳城网址网站 栗色代表


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